The Benefits of Social Bonds

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The late psychologist Christopher Peterson famously said: “I can sum up positive psychology in just three words: Other people matter. Period. Anything that builds relationships between and among people is going to make you happy.”

Social bonds not only gives you pleasure, they also influence your life in the long run. The lack of love and social ties can lead to depression and cognitive decline in later life. Here are the benefits of social relationships:

Social Bonds
  1. Longer life 
  • We all have different personalities and desires when it comes to relationships. But, even if you like being alone, it is still essential to have at least one good friend to provide you with support both in good and in bad times.
  1. Improved health 
  • When you have good social relationships, they affect both your mental and physical health. A healthy relationship can also set a tone for your lifestyle. 
  1. Reduced stress
  • Relationships can alter your hormones in a way that reduces stress. Communicating and providing emotional support helps you ease stress. We do acknowledge that there are instances when relationships can be stressful; at the same time, handling these situations improves resilience: resilience makes it easier for people to handle other outside stressors in their lives. 
  1. Faster healing
  • If you’ve been through life’s worst, it is easier to heal when you have someone to lean on and/or take care of you. Emotional and mental support is essential when going through significant changes and challenges in your life.

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