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Luxdates at Silversquare (english/german)

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I had such a great time introducing the #Luxdates service at #Silversquare #silversquaremembers. Thank you Valerie and Viviana from #Skillosophy for making this such a fun experience! Es war toll, dieses Video im #Silversquare zu filmen. Vielen Dank an  Valerie and Viviana von #Skillosophy für den Spass beim Aufnehmen! If you want to meet new people with…

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Luxdates Has A New Home

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At Luxdates, we’re thrilled to now be part of the Silversquare network! From now on, you can find us at Silversquare, 21 rue Glesener, 1631 Luxembourg. Once we saw the fantastic working environment that Silversquare provides (and all the cool people), we knew we had found our new home! Luxdates is really looking forward to…

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Claudia Neumeister Chief Matchmaker Luxdates

Luxdates answers Paperjam’s Three Questions – renews Paperjam Club membership

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Luxdates is proud to go into the third year of cooperating with Maison Moderne, always loved advertising with them in their Flydoscope magazine. We are also a proud member of the Paperjam Club, which is a great opportunity to meet with Luxembourg’s business community.   Read my answers to their “3 Questions” here:   The…

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What Women Want - What Men Want

What Women Want – What Men Want

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On Valentine’s Day 2019, I had the great pleasure of running an interactive workshop on Sex Stereotypes and Cultural Narratives with the members of the Internations Singles Group in Luxembourg. The audience was wonderful, diverse and very active in participating. There was a lot of reflection and discussion on how the stereotypes we have about…

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Happy New Year 2019!

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Wishing all my clients, partners, and friends a wonderful 2019! May all your wishes may come true and in good health!

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Paperjam Top 100 Gala

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Last night I was privileged to be invited to Paperjam’s Top 100 Influencers Gala in Luxembourg’s Rockhal. This was the last big Christmas event of the year for Luxembourg’s community and it was a big success! A truly fantastic event, featuring the crème de la crème of Luxembourg’s active business community. Big Congratulations to the…

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Proud to be featured in Celebrate!

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Wir sind stolz, im neuesten CELEBRATE Magazin zu sein! We are proud to be featured in the latest CELEBRATE Magazine!  Kontaktieren Sie mich unter für ein persönliches Gespräch! Contact me under for a personal consultation!

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We Are on Air – Hört unseren Spot im Radio!

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Hallo, wir sind live im RTL Radio!   Unser Spot ist live zu hören am: 5. Dezember: 7:50/9:50/12:20/13:50/16:30 6. Dezember: 8:20/10:50/12:50/15:20/17:20 7. Dezember: 7:20/9:20/12:20/16:20/17:20 8. Dezember: 8:50/12:20 Also, schaltet ein, auf

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Boys Don’t Cry

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How Our Cultural Narratives Can Stop Us From Being With The Partner Who Is Truly Good For Us I Always Fall For The One Who Is Bad For Me When I meet new clients, I always ask them about their relationship history. What was great, what went wrong, do they see any patterns? I often hear…

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