Reasons to Love us

One day, I asked Claudia if she knew anyone who could be my girlfriend. She said she would think about it. A couple of days later, she set me up for a blind date with the woman who became my wife and the mother of my child – the rest, as they say, is history.

S.N, 53, Cologne, Germany

The interesting thing about Claudia is that she knows so many different people. Yet she is not someone who boasts about her network, she is very discreet at what she does and makes sure that the relationships she creates are high in quality.

S.G, 36, Luxembourg

Claudia has been my ‘best man’ at my wedding. She introduced me to my wife, and what is now a family of six, would not have started without her.

F.R, 54. Stuttgart, Germany

Always accessible, astute and energetic, Claudia is both extremely generous and extremely business-like at the same time. I highly recommend her as a very responsible and loyal business partner. …There’s real wisdom to her counsel.

R.G, 52, Moscow, Russia

I worked with Claudia during a big transition in my life. She held my hand every step of the way, was always accessible, patient and kind. I appreciate her transparency: she is very honest. Without her encouragement and counsel, I would not have taken the step which has changed my life.

B.E, 43, Luxembourg

Claudia is dependable and reliable. She delivers.

W.D, 47, Luxembourg

Claudia has a preternatural knack for making connections and finding a needle in a haystack. Almost 4 years ago I met a very nice woman on a flight. After talking to her for the entire flight I only knew her first name and the university where she had completed a postgraduate degree. That’s how small the needle in the haystack was. I asked Claudia for help because I wanted to see the lady again. It took her 10 minutes max to send me the short reply: “Here she is!”. The stranger on the plane and I are now married and have a two- and-a- half-year-old daughter. I would trust Claudia completely with any question relating to affairs of the heart.

M.K, 56, London, UK