Exclusive Singles Cooking Class with ChefPassport & Luxdates

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Exclusive Singles Cooking Class at the time when everyone is in lockdown due to the pandemic?

Luxdates and ChefPassport teamed up last May to offer you this unique and exclusive event!

This interactive livestream cooking class was perfect for ten food enthusiasts who love to discover the flavors of Greece. These food explorers connected with people who are eager to mix and mingle with others online and learned how to cook something new.

About the Chef

Chef Katherine “Kit” Kennedy is a Professional Chef. She formally trained in Australia with a focus on European cuisine. Now based in the United Kingdom, she retired from being an executive chef and shifted gears to food writing and offering hands-on classes. Those who are close to her know her passion for traditional and rustic cooking. She often says, “I love to get into the history of different dishes to uncover their authentic flavors.”

Chef Kit taught virtually how to cook Greek Delicacies in the comfort of the participants’ kitchen. Chef Kennedy showed tips and tricks, answered questions, and supported those cooking in the live event.

Join an exclusive singles cooking class if you want to connect with singles and cook something new!

Are you interested in meeting new people with an exclusive, personalised, fun, and private approach, please email Claudia at hello@luxdates.lu. Read more about Luxdates’ membership on this page.


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