How to Set Intentions to Love Better

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In a relationship, nobody is perfect; in fact, nobody is. What matters is your commitment to practising healthy relationship habits everyday.

One great way to start your journey is to try setting intentions in your relationship. Take an honest look at your habits. Perhaps you tend to blurt out your thoughts without any regard for your partner, or you are frequently in fear of confrontation that would lead to break up. 

Take one of your bad relationship habits and set an intention to change it into something great! 

How to Set Intentions to Love Better:

1. Remove All Doubt

Everyone’s imperfect, you’re surrounded by idiots, your partner can’t do anything right? Take a long, hard look at yourself – it’s quite possible that you’re the problem. Before you get stuck in the  blame game, what part of the situation are you responsible for? Most of the time, we don’t notice that we are the source of the problem because we are too focused on blaming others. We have to take responsibility for who we are and who we will become. Taking responsibility for your actions, and knowing that you can change yourself is the first step to set new intentions.

2. Identify the Habit You’d Like to Change

We all have habits that can be improved. Trying to change them all at the same time, would set us up for failure, however. Understand which you need to pick first. Discuss with your partner (or, if you’re single, with a trusted friend) what irks him or her most, and decide on what both you and your partner can improve on. Create a plan on how you can change habits that are affecting your relationship in the wrong way. In a relationship, this is most powerful if both partners commit to change. Having this conversation requires a deep level of trust. 

3. Visualize or Write Down Your Goal

What is your goal – as a single person, as a couple? It’s sometimes hard to quantify, or even describe. This is where meditation, or writing out a detailed scene can help you. You can either create a vision board, a journal, or simply say it. Creating a dreamboard with your partner gives you both vision and clarity. It’s a strong bonding exercise.

4. Release your Bad Habit

Write the bad habit(s) you intend to change on a piece of paper, and burn it! Imagine the lousy practice of burning away with the form, releasing its hold on you. If you’re not into the fire, dispose of it in some other way. The point is that you symbolically remove a negative part of yourself to make way for something better. Does this sound like too much voodoo for you? Give it a try, it’s a powerful tool!

Be aware that this isn’t a “set-it-and-forget-it” method of intention setting. These steps make for a strong start to you making better choices. You will be more aware when you catch yourself slipping into your old ways. 

Remember: Each day is an opportunity for you to be better than the day before. Embrace the change!  

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