Men’s Special Edition

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Men’s Special Edition

I was reading an article on the dating disasters of an eligible 36-year old man. He was talking about all the dates he had and how they all went horribly wrong sooner or later. He wonders where all the good, decent women are. 

And I wondered – Dude – what were you thinking? You don’t go look of a nice pair of hand-sewn leather shoes at Aldi (no offense)!

Where Are All The Good Women?

The good and decent women are definitely out there, you just need to know where to look.

The women you are looking for – coming from a good family, with a good education, with a career, psychologically stable – are not hanging out in bars. That doesn’t mean that they never go out. If they go out, they tend to go out with a group of friends, and that makes it so much harder to approach them. 

Not Hanging On Dating Apps

They also don’t hang out on Tinder. They may have tried Tinder, but found the experience revolting, and have deleted their account. They also don’t hang out on other dating apps. They simply have no interest in letting the world (and their work environment) know that they are single and looking. That is not to say that you cannot find quality women on Tinder or other dating apps. But they’re hard to find and you have to look hard.

The women you are looking for have something to lose. They have studied and worked very hard to be where they are now. They have no intention to risk all that.

The women you are looking for usually have a passion. A lot of them are involved in charity. Or they do yoga. Or both. 

The women you are looking for appreciate discretion, and trust.

Matchmakers Come In

And that’s where we matchmakers come in. The women you are looking for prefer to work with someone who selects the men for them. They prefer quality over quantity. They want their matches screened and verified. 

Where To Find The Woman Of Your Dreams?

So, if you want to meet the woman of your dreams – the good and decent woman, good-looking, not a gold-digger, you have a couple of options:

You can join a charitable cause.

You can take up yoga.

You can take up dancing.

Watch my Men’s Special Edition video posted above. Or you can simply come to me.

Are you interested? Let’s talk.

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Claudia Neumeister

Claudia Neumeister has 20 years of experience as a headhunter for international corporations. As someone who loves connecting people (and who has created successful marriages in her private network), she has decided to apply her skills to creating long-lasting personal relationships at Luxdates

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