Do You Really Know Everybody in Luxembourg? Think Again….

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Luxembourg is a country where people think they know “everybody”, because the country is so small. That is not true. There are so many new people coming in every day to Luxembourg, and some of them are looking to meet a new partner, as moving countries can also mean starting a new chapter in life.…

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Rethink Your Dating Strategy 2020!

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Albert Einstein supposedly said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In my matchmaking and dating coaching practice, I meet a lot of singles who do just that. During my 90 minute intake interview, I ask my clients a lot of questions about their…

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Luxdates at Silversquare (english/german)

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I had such a great time introducing the #Luxdates service at #Silversquare #silversquaremembers. Thank you Valerie and Viviana from #Skillosophy for making this such a fun experience! Es war toll, dieses Video im #Silversquare zu filmen. Vielen Dank an  Valerie and Viviana von #Skillosophy für den Spass beim Aufnehmen! If you want to meet new people with…

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Luxdates Has A New Home

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At Luxdates, we’re thrilled to now be part of the Silversquare network! From now on, you can find us at Silversquare, 21 rue Glesener, 1631 Luxembourg. Once we saw the fantastic working environment that Silversquare provides (and all the cool people), we knew we had found our new home! Luxdates is really looking forward to…

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Claudia Neumeister Chief Matchmaker Luxdates

Luxdates answers Paperjam’s Three Questions – renews Paperjam Club membership

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Luxdates is proud to go into the third year of cooperating with Maison Moderne, always loved advertising with them in their Flydoscope magazine. We are also a proud member of the Paperjam Club, which is a great opportunity to meet with Luxembourg’s business community.   Read my answers to their “3 Questions” here:   The…

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