She is looking for him Early Fifties, feminine, 1,71m Luxembourg, France, Belgium

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Hello, my name is Claudia Neumeister from Luxdates.

Today, I would like to introduce one of my female clients to you.

She is looking for him – Early fifties, 1,71m, Luxembourg, France, Belgium

My client is in her early fifties, she is 1,71m tall, and has shoulder-length brunette hair, green eyes, and a sportive and elegant appearance. Her calm demeanor and voice are two of the things that immediately capture you when you first meet her. She exudes kindness and friendliness. 

This lovely woman arrived to Luxembourg recently from Paris, and enjoys living here. Is Luxembourg the final destination for her? Who knows – this lady is truly a citizen of the world.

In her spare time, she enjoys being surrounded by nature – be it on a walk through the woods or skiing down a piste.

Curious by nature, learning and development are on top of the list of forces that drive her. She enjoys learning new skills, is very open to other countries, cultures, and environments.

She possesses a strong interest in culture and the arts, and literature, but also enjoys simply watching a movie.

She is a creative spirit who enjoys writing, and also decorating her home for parties and dinners.

Her value system rests on respect, civility, honesty, and open-mindedness.

This lady is very feminine, she is degree-educated and has a successful career.

The man she’s looking for should possess an open mind, and a warm heart. He doesn’t need to share her hobbies – in fact, she’s looking forward to meeting someone with different hobbies, which gives her the opportunity to learn something new. The man in her life should lead a moderately active life-style, but doesn’t have to be a star athlete.

Are you interested in meeting this lady?

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Claudia Neumeister

Claudia Neumeister has 20 years of experience as a headhunter for international corporations. As someone who loves connecting people (and who has created successful marriages in her private network), she has decided to apply her skills to creating long-lasting personal relationships at Luxdates

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