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Hello, my name is Claudia Neumeister from Luxdates.

Today, I would like to introduce one of my female clients to you.

My client is in her late thirties, she is 1,65m tall, and has long auburn hair, brown eyes, and a slender and elegant appearance.

This lovely woman is a citizen of the world who has made Luxembourg home for herself and her small child.

She is very sporty and enjoys the outdoors. 

She possesses a strong interest in culture and the arts, but also enjoys simply watching a movie.

She is a creative spirit who enjoys writing, and also decorating her home for parties and dinners.

Her value system rests on respect, civility, empathy, and love for the other.

This lady is very feminine, she is degree-educated and has a successful career.

The man she’s looking for should have a sense of savoir-être. She’s attracted by someone who is both accomplished and humble about it. 

In a relationship, it’s important for her that both partners are committed to make it work.

Are you interested in meeting this lady?

Then reach out to me!

Click on the link below, or send me an email to:

There are no costs involved for you, and your data will be treated confidentially.

I am looking forward to your email, and your application to meet this outstanding lady.


Claudia Neumeister


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Claudia Neumeister

Claudia Neumeister has 20 years of experience as a headhunter for international corporations. As someone who loves connecting people (and who has created successful marriages in her private network), she has decided to apply her skills to creating long-lasting personal relationships at Luxdates

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