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Talking about Style

Hello and welcome to the 7th edition of Luxdates First Date Kit!

Today we’re going to talk about Style!

We talked about what to wear on a first date a couple of weeks ago. We received a lot of replies. We are delighted to invite a specialist. We are happy to have Juliane Yamamoto to talk about Style.

Some of our First Date Kit topics are Talking about Ex-Partners, What to Wear, Dating Mindset, Who Calls First after a Date, Who Pays on the First Date, and Cross-Cultural Dating.

Juliane Yamamoto is a Brazilian who is in Luxembourg for about a year. She’s an Image Consultant and Make-up Artist. Her focus is to help people dress according to their personality and goals.

What Made You Become Interested in Style?

Since Juliane can remember, she used to dress up with a lot of accessories, put makeup, and choose her clothes. It was a way to express herself, and realizing how she used to dress up helped her grow in her career. Juliane used to help her family and friends dress up, choose the clothes, and put those together now.

In Your Definition, How Would You Define Style?

Style is your personality and priority expressed by your image. So what you choose what to wear, why you choose to wear it and how you choose to wear, it speaks about your character. It’s connected to your personality.

How Would I Recognize Somebody’s Character Depending On How They Present Themselves?

When we talk about our image, it’s not only related to our clothes. It’s also associated with our behavior and our actions. If a person has a more traditional elegant style, the person may act a bit more in a traditional way. The behavior talks about their Style. If you put something more dramatic or too much on-trend, people will see that something wrong is happening.

Could You Give Us A List Of Top 5 Things That We Shouldn’t Do?

1. Don’t show too much skin for both genders.

2. Don’t wear clothes in a lousy condition.

3. Don’t use a color that is too bright.

4. Don’t exaggerate on perfume or cologne.

5. Don’t use an outfit or trend that you are not familiar with.

There are many exciting things to know about Style, especially on the first date, like the right color to wear. One tip is don’t try or buy clothes that are too far from your personality.

If you want to be enlightened about Style, watch this video. If you are insecure with your Style, Juliane Yamamoto is your expert. She would be happy to advise you. Having Image Consultants is one of the best investments you’ll have.

What is your Style? Share them with us! If you want to meet new people with our exclusive, personalized, and private approach, please contact me at hello@luxdates.luDiscover Luxdates’ membership page here.


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Claudia Neumeister has 20 years of experience as a headhunter for international corporations. As someone who loves connecting people (and who has created successful marriages in her private network), she has decided to apply her skills to creating long-lasting personal relationships at Luxdates

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