Tips On Dating While Social Distancing

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Maintain a Healthy (and Fun) Relationship

This whole social distancing thing can be a little stressful. Dating was complicated enough before the pandemic, and now it seems there is little to no hope.

Even though in many countries the restrictions have lifted, there are still couples all over the world who got stranded and cannot meet (Hello Australia!). Besides, with numbers on the rise again in many countries, we don’t know if borders aren’t closed sooner than we can say “pandemic”.

Here are five tips you can do to maintain a healthy relationship with your special one while social distancing (and even a few social distancing date ideas).  

1. Set boundaries

Because we are stuck at home, it is easy to get bored, which leads us to be glued on our mobile devices. It is indeed tempting to text your partner at almost every hour of the day. 

Set boundaries with your partner about how often you’ll be in communication so that you have plenty of time to focus on your school-work, exercise outside, spend quality time with your family, and get plenty of rest. 

If a boundary has been set about how often you’d talk, be sure to respect those! You can’t expect your partner to always respond to your text immediately, even if they did recently post on Snapchat

2. Have a robust support system.

Quick! Write a list of 5 people that you enjoy talking to. This list could include your best friend, a parent or other family member, a teacher; whoever you feel like you can rely on and trust. Now make it a goal to reach out to each of these people at least once this week.

3. Make informed choices about virtual sexual behaviour.

Since you can’t be with your boyfriend or girlfriend in person, it is tempting to be sexual in socially distant ways. While sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s essential to learn about the potential positives and negatives of virtual sexual behaviour (like sexting).

4. Keep social distancing. 

It has been 8-9 months now since social distancing was implemented and it is causing “quarantine fatigue” to many people. But, we all know that social distancing is good for everyone’s health. 

So, when you and your partner finally do meet, it is so essential that you continue to social distance. Wear a mask in public, and stay home when possible. If you don’t want to get sick and you don’t want your SO to get sick, be sure to keep social distancing! 

Aside from managing your time for one another and keeping each other safe when you get the chance to meet – what else can you both do while on social distancing or quarantine?

Even though social distancing means that you can’t be with your partner in person, it’s doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fabulous date nights! Here are a few social distancing date ideas:

• Pick out a recipe and cook the same meal from your respective kitchens while FaceTiming. You could even make it a competition (who’s meal looks the best at the end)! Then sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour, or better yet have the food delivered to one another. 

. • Use Netflix Party (or a similar website) to watch a show or movie together and chat throughout.

• Have a scavenger hunt for the most random objects you can find in your house or on google maps satellite view. Set a time limit, and when the time is up shown each other what you were able to find!

What other social distancing date ideas do you have? Comment below to let us know!

If there’s anybody out there interested in sharing their story about how they met and how they keep their relationship alive, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me at Explore Luxdates membership page here.


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