Think You Know What’s Important When Choosing a Partner? This Study May Surprise You

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Which Factors Are Really Important When Selecting Your Partner? A recent study done by the University of Luxembourg has found out that from all the factors that make up our personalities, only a few are really important when it comes to to selecting a partner for life. What’s important, however, is the combination.   If…

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Happy New Year 2019!

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Wishing all my clients, partners, and friends a wonderful 2019! May all your wishes may come true and in good health!

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Keeping Good Company – What Luxdates Clients Do For A Living

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At Luxdates, we strive to bring together people from a variety of backgrounds. Our clients come from different parts of the World, and all of them have found their home in Luxembourg. There are certain elements our clients have in common however: most of them have a higher education degree – ranging from B.A./B.Sc. to…

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Am I mansplaining?

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Communication between men and women is not always easy. Here’s a humorous take on the phenomenon of “mansplaining” (courtesy of @kim.goodwin) . Are you interested in meeting your soulmate who understands you? Contact us today! Mansplaining Flowchart

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