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A Virtual Cooking Class sounds a cool activity to do, even if social distancing and isolation are present at this time. It won’t be hindrances for people to connect. Socializing through a virtual cooking class was made possible by Luxdates and ChefPassport.

Last April, an online private event was held. Luxdates members were able to whip up new dishes and hone their culinary skills. They took part in a weekend virtual cooking class and found new ways to connect.

Singles Mingle during Virtual Weekend Cooking Classes

Here are some excerpts from an interview with ChefPassport’s CEO, Matteo Ressa and Luxdates’ Claudia Neumeister taken from this article. You can also watch the Facebook Live of the interview below.

ChefPassport – LuxDates

Gepostet von Matteo Ressa am Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2020

Q: In a nutshell, what is your business?

Claudia: Luxdates is an exclusive international matchmaking company, based out of Luxembourg. It’s a very “analog and human-algorithm”- driven process. I meet every client in person for a 90-minute intake session, verify their identity, and provide a discrete and tailor-made service. Luxdates clients appreciate the discretion, safety, and personal approach.

Matteo: ChefPassport is a digital platform to connect cooking enthusiasts with chefs and home cooks from all over the world, providing live streaming interactive cooking classes. ChefPassport envisions a world where the authenticity of the traditional, local, homely cuisines become more accessible, spread, and experienced at a global level.

Q: Claudia, why did you reach out to ChefPassport to partner for an event?

Claudia: I seek to provide events for singles, which go beyond “drinks and dinner.” In fact, there is scientific evidence that shows how people bond over an experience when creating something together. When COVID-19 forced us to be socially distant, it seemed that I had to postpone initial plans and go back to the drawing board. Coincidentally, I heard about ChefPassport through a friend and thought that the concept could be the perfect virtual remedy – allowing my clients to mix with like-minded singles and cook a meal under the guidance of a pro-chef, at the same time. It turns out that partnering with ChefPassport was the perfect solution!

Q: You had a Luxdates event where you hosted a weekend cooking class, can you share some highlights?

Claudia: Certainly, Chef Kit was a highlight! I enjoyed how she structured the class from easy to more advanced culinary techniques. She also gave us some pro-tips and helped everybody build the confidence to produce a delicious meal in the comfort of their own kitchen. Even though we were all in our homes, in different countries, there was this feeling of community, which is what I had aimed to create.

Also, knowing that the ChefPassport team was in the background, making sure that everything worked from a technical point-of-view, was a big comfort.

Already, I have received very positive feedback from my clients, and the first couples are forming!

Q: You are examples of small businesses partnering during the COVID crisis. Do you think that there are other organizations partnering more at this time? Do you think they should?

Claudia: The COVID crisis has forced all entrepreneurs to turn on a dime and reinvent themselves. It’s during times of crisis that the entrepreneurial spirit shines. This is the time to think out of the box, to be innovative, and create. I strongly believe in partnerships and partnering across business-sectors, thus creating new products.

Matteo: I couldn’t agree more.

Q: Do either of you see more co-hosted events on the horizon?

Matteo: Absolutely. We believe that food is a medium of love, and connecting people through cooking experiences can facilitate finding commonalities among communities of singles. More than ever, during this situation, people are demanding new and different ways to stay connected. We want to consolidate and strengthen our partnership with Luxdates, and we already started working on a dedicated ChefPassport/Luxdates offering, which we will launch in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned on our social media channels to discover more.

Claudia: Yes, definitely! I fully believe in this product and want to host more events in the future, not only for Luxdates clients but also for singles outside of my direct network. I have lots of ideas already, and I know that with ChefPassport, I have a partner who is flexible and innovative. This is a partnership that I see flourishing even when the social distancing measures are removed. It’s a community-building product and very suitable to the times we now live.

Q: Any final statements from either of you?

Claudia: There is an opportunity in crisis, and the collaboration between ChefPassport and Luxdates is a wonderful example. I am really glad that I have found the ChefPassport team and believe that we will be partnering for a long time.

Matteo: In these times of stress, the best thing we can do is reinvent ourselves, be creative, innovative, and react fast to the sudden changes around us. I believe that this partnership is a positive example of how two growing startups embrace this spirit, join forces, and offer people new and different ways to overcome this difficult moment.

There are new ways to meet new people and be ingenious. Take an exciting cooking class here. If you want to meet new people with an exclusive, personalized, and private approach, please e-mail Claudia at Read more about Luxdates’ membership on this page.



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