Luxdates First Date Kit – What to Wear

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Luxdates First Date Kit

What To Wear

What To Wear for a first date – sigh – how can something so simple become so complicated? After all, there are so many aspects to consider and there’s no second chance for the first impression.

Let’s start with the basics.

Whatever you choose it should:

  1. Fit – not too tight, not too lose.
  2. Be clean and ironed
  3. Be whole (no holes, shoes not worn off heels, etc.)
  4. Groomed hair, nails and teeth
  5. Comfortable (that means shoes you can walk in – there’s no use showing up in high heels if you’re not used to wearing them, or investing in a pair of hand-sewn calf leather shoes, they need some time to walk in.) Clothing should be so comfortable that you don’t always have to think about it and fidget – so you can focus on what’s really important, that’s your date!

These are the very basics.

Now, when you think about what to wear, think about how you want to PRESENT yourself. A lot of people want to be completely “authentic” (we will discuss the concept of “authenticity” in another show), but get it wrong. You want to wear something that shows the BEST version of yourself. This is your moment to SHINE!

A little sidenote: Did you know that clothing changes the brain? In a 2012 study, it was revealed that people performed better if they were dressed for the job.

Also think about the venue where the date will be and the time of date.

Is it a casual coffee date or is it a nice dinner?

Is the venue trendy? Or are you perhaps going for a walk? It helps googling to get a feel for the venue.

Tips for both men and women:

For men:

    1. Wear the colour or outfit you get often complimented on
    2. If you’re shopping for a completely new look, take some time to plan. You want to feel comfortable in your clothes and not use the date to get used to them.
    3. If you’re unsure, invest in a stylist. Now, that may sound over the top for some, but a stylist can help you pick out the colors and clothes which really bring out the best in you, and this may be money well spent.

For women:

  1. Avoid too much make up – natural and minimal rules. The same is true for jewellery. If you enjoy wearing lots of jewelry, take one piece off before you leave the house. You want to look like you made an effort, but not too much. You want to enhance your features, not overwhelm them.
  2. Take time to select your outfit, iron it. You don’t want to look disheveled.
  3. If it requires sucking in, constant adjustment, or double-stick tape, leave it at home!)
  4. The ultimate goal for a casual date should be effortless chic – the “I just threw this on” vibe
  5. For a dinner date: A piece of jewelry. Don’t wear anything you can’t breathe in, walk in or eat in!
  6. Which is your best asset? Is it your arms? Wear a sleeveless maxi dress. Your legs? Wear a dress that accentuates your legs or a pant suit.
  7. When it comes to clothing, more is more! Too much skin can be a turn-off and make you look trying too hard. (That’s true for men as well. A nice shirt and/or a well-made suit are a good investment).
  • Err on the side of classics – avoid overly trendy outfits.
  • Science has shown that men are attracted to women in red. This is true across all cultures. But black is a popular choice, too!
  • Comfort is key. If you feel good in what you’re wearing, you’ll look good. Confidence is everything!

Most of all, don’t forget to have fun!

Which are your favourite outfits? Share them with us! If you want to meet new people with our exclusive, personalized, and private approach, please contact me at Discover Luxdates’ membership page here.


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