She is Looking for Him – Early sixties, 1,65m tall, chin-length dark brown hair, slim and sportive

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Hello, my name is Claudia Neumeister from Luxdates.

Today, I would like to introduce one of my female clients to you.

My client is in her early sixties, she is 1,65m tall, and has chin-length dark brown hair. Her brown eyes are warm and full of humour.

She is slim and sportive and has an effortless chic. She leads an active lifestyle, enjoys a variety of sports, and is fit and healthy without being dogmatic about it.

This lady has lived in many countries and easily adapts to new environments. She’s fluent in French, and English, and speaks some German.

She has homes in Luxembourg and Berlin and is open to meeting her new partner anywhere in the world.

In a partner, she appreciates someone who meets her as an equal. He should be someone who has retained a curiosity and interest in life, as she herself is open to discovering new places and people and is a keen traveller.

For her, home is where her heart is, and he should feel the same.

Her idea of a relationship is that two people trust and love one another, that they are complicit and share moments of genuine happiness.

The man who will attract her will possess a healthy amount of self-initiative and will enjoy being active so that the time they spend together is varied and fun.

While this lady is outgoing and fun to be around, she’s also sensitive and possesses a big heart.

Dear men – are you interested in meeting this outstanding lady?

Then reach out to me! Click on the link below, or send me an email at:

There are no costs involved for you, and your data will be treated confidentially.

Dear men – what are you waiting for?

I am looking forward to your email, and to introducing this special lady to you!


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